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Would you consider Orăştie as the cultural capital of Hunedoara County?

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Water, air and land sports

Water, air and land sports

Updated: Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:02 PM

Recreational sport fishing
        Fishing enthusiasts have many opportunities to practice their favorite sport, the geographic area where the town is located having a great hydrographic potential through its rivers Mures, Strei, Cugir and Orastioara.
In the vicinity of the town flows the river Mures, one of the most important rivers in Romania. With a catchment area that includes almost all of Transylvania, Mures allows stationary and spinning fishing mainly as a river rich in species and large specimens.
        Orastioara river, formed by the confluence of mountain rivers Gradiste Orastioara‑Gradiste and Sibisel, allows artificial fly fishing and spinning.
        Strei river, hill and mountain river, with a catchment area from the Hateg country and Mount Retezat, allows all kinds of fishing in the hill areas and fishing with artificial baits exclusively in the mountains; is remarkable for the presence of grayling.
        Great River Retezat, mountain stream rich in salmonids, has a chain of three reservoirs downstream populated with species of plains and hills. Its tributaries, Ses river and Great Lapusnic of Mount Retezat, are wild rivers rich in salmonids; fishing is allowed only under artificial fly catch and release.
        Cugir River is a mountain stream rich in salmonids.
        There are also many suitable ponds for recreational fishing:
            Orastie Pond, located after Orastioara river on the European road 68, is rich in carp, crucian carp and perch.
            Romos Pond, located on DN7 between Orastie and Sebes, in the vicinity of two ponds, but is the only one with a surface of 3 ha open to sport fishing of common rudd, bleak and crucian carp.
            Spini Pond is on the European road linking Simeria to Orastie at km 7, on the left direction of travel. Species: carp, crucian carp and perch.
            General Bertholt Pond (Unirea) is 4 km from Hateg, DJ 687c at the entrance in the General Berthelot village. Species: Romanian carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, perch, chub.
            Uroi Pond is located about 5 km from Simeria. It is said to be a pool with a lot of fish. Species: carp, crucian carp.


        Near Orăştie, on the hill Magura Uroiului, near Simeria, is one of the best and popular places for paragliding. Each year, lovers of the sport can make new friends during the "Angels of friendship" Festival, an event that aims to become an annual tradition.

Fun, relaxation, sports
        No matter how thirsty you are for history, tradition and your desire for knowledge, during a holiday or weekend spent in Orastie there is also time left for fun, sport or active leisure. You can have all of this, including a significant dose of adrenaline, thanks to a very diverse set of choices the town has to offer.
        If you are a football or minifootball lover, swimming, volleyball, basketball, handball and other sports, the fields and pools are available with all amenities and comfort there is.